The Macs

Channeling the 60's

The Macs are:

Dave Ball  –  Bass Guitar & Vocals

Lanny Sichel  -   6 & 12 String Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals

Rich Sobocinski  -  Guitar & Vocals

Paul Regensburg  -  Drums & Vocals.

Lou Comito  -  Piano & Vocals

The Macs were formed out of a collective desire to recreate the great music that permeated the airwaves on both side of the Atlantic in the 1960’s.  Who could deny the deft harmonies and catchy hooks that are the soundtrack of this decade. 

The Macs diverse repertoire includes tunes from The Beatles to The Velvet Underground.  Each rendition is replete with the careful interpretation and sincere play that has become emblematic of a Macs show.  We capture our audience, spirit them back to that era and leave them humming these songs long after the show is over.

A splendid time is definitely guaranteed for all !!

We have performed our show in many different venues all over the East Coast.


                                                 ~~~ The Macs are all Long Island residents and veterans of the NY music scene~~~